About Alia

I’m Alia Ledoux...

the creator of Alia Ledoux Essentials. This business kind of happened by chance seven years ago when our first child was a toddler and was always getting sick. Our pediatrician recommended that we started using hand sanitizer while out and about. I was quickly astonished by the list of toxic chemical ingredients, unappealing scents and the drying effect that the available hand sanitizers had on my skin. This is where my quest for a more natural product started.

I combined my knowledge of Health and Wellness that I learned from my degree in Kinesiology at The University of British Columbia and my love of scents from my years of study to become a Sommelier to develop a hand sanitizer that would be effective, wonderfully scented and moisturizing, all in one. I researched recipes and after four years of trial and error, that recipe has been perfected. After giving my hand sanitizers to friends and teachers, I couldn’t make it fast enough. And quickly it turned into a business, adding the rest of our great products along the way.

Each product is made with the strictest attention to quality control and detail. As a busy mom, feeling confident about what I put in and on our bodies is super important to me, and I hope that I can help make those decisions easier for you and your family too!

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